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Services and solutions for the

pharmacovigilance and Technosurveillance Unit Operation

Support activities for the Pharmacovigilance and Technosurveillance Unit.

  • Health professional “In plant” for the Pharmacovigilance and Technosurveillance Unit. Trained person to manage the client’s SOP at the facilities of the client and/or remotely.
  • Exclusive Call center configuration, workstations dedicated to operate continuously.

Design and development of RPM and Technosurveillance Reports.

Development of the Pharmacovigilance Programs of Studies.

Additional activities implementation of the RMP.

We have licenses to consult and download medical-scientific literature.

Monitoring of Individual Case Safety Rereports and adverse incidents.

Notification of Individual Case Safety Reports through our platform PharmaIntelligence®.

Development of Periodic safety update reports (PSUR).